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Energy Performance Certificate, your Energy Certificate.

It is a several pages document that the property owner must keep. In this document the energy efficiency of your consumption property is described .

Energy rating

The energy rating is the result of the EPC, it is a value that describes the CO2 emission per square metre of your property. This value is comparable to the rest of properties through the Energy Label.

Energy Label

The Certificate consists of a label (multi-coloured) like electrical appliances. This label shows the energy rating and describes the property energy efficiency.

This label must be shown in all property adverts (for rent, sell). The label tells the new customer how the energy consumption of the property is (expenses in electricity and gas) in order to maintain the property in confortable temperature conditions.

Energy Performance Certificate

From CECS, we want to offer you the highest quality possible in your certificate, due this we visit your property and take exhaustively all the necessary information. It takes us at less 5 hours of work each certificate to obtain the best rating.



Why make a certificate of your property?

When you purchased your last car, were you interested in its consumption?
Were you interested in when you bought or rented your property?
At least a 30% of your property expenses are from the energy consumption. You can reduce this consumption in a 50% with a redeemable investment (3 years) and improving your comfort from the first day.

Fulfilling the European Directive 2002/91/CE related to full integration of demand and distributed energy resources. Property owners (houses, business premises in construction, for rent or sale) are forced to certificate. Energy Performance Certificate gives to the property a energy rating, that describes its energy efficiency. This certificate is made of the climatic information where the property is located and compared to similar properties. Comparing installation, walls, facade, type of Windows, doors, etc.…



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Offer your customer a reliable certification service.

We reduce our prices and you can gain the difference for the service you offer. Your customers can benefit from a certification with the best Price. Good treatment and satisfaction assured.


Estate agencies advising

Call us and we can advise you how you can recommend your customers. Is your customer forced to make a property certificate? Which is the best option in certification as a Estate agency?


Customer service to estate agencies

Trust in us to offer an excellent customer service. If you have any doubt we can advise your customers.


Training courses to estate agencies

Contact us. We offer training courses to your staff about environment and the enhancement with the certification.



How does it work?


Contact with our interpret

An interpret of our team will ask you some basic information of your property. Information as: location, shape, floors and surface. 


No obligation estimate

With all information, we will estimate the cost. Moreover we will set a due date.


A visit to collect the necessary information:

With an appointment, we will visit your property to collect all information and with it we will make the certificate.


Certificate delivery

Having made the study, we will deliver the certificate and we will advise you about how to enhance your property energy rating and reduce energy consumption.



We develop the EPC of your home or business premise at best prices and in the most detailed way.


EPC Obligation of your home or business premise

Are you sure that you have to certificate? Contact us; we will assist you with pleasure. We can solve your doubts and if you wish we can make a Budget for free. No strings attached.


Qualified and reliable experts

Trust in us to certificate your properties. We visit you, measure and check your installation. With all the information we develop a detailed certificate.


Certificate delivery

An on-line EPC is illegal. In short time as possible we deliver your certificate, we explain it to you and show all possible modifications you could do, if you desire, to enhance your certification.


Energy rating explanation

With your certificate, we enclose an economic study (easy to understand) of how to reduce your energy bill you can obtain, if you want, doing improvement work. We can do that too.


EPC registry

For your added comfort and convenience, we can deliver your certification before the local register office.



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Energy Performance Certificate: homes and business premises

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